Rue’s Eight Strand Pearl Necklace She Wore With Bea at GLAAD Awards [SOLD]

Although this necklace isn’t technically from “The Golden Girls,” because Rue wore it with an appearance she made along with Bea Arthur – and we have an excellent portrait of the two of them together with the necklace clearly visible – the piece has become linked to “The Golden Girls.” Rue and Bea were both stanch supporters of Gay Rights and Rue wore this piece when the two of them were presenters at the 13th Annual GLADD Media Awards in 2002. Did you know that Bea Arthur left hundreds of thousands of dollars in her Will to a shelter for homeless gay teens in New York City? In fact, the charity – The Ali Forney Center – is creating a new 18-bed shelter that will be named: “The Bea Arthur Residence of Homeless LGTB Youth.” Isn’t that awesome? This necklace is pretty awesome, too. It is 30″ long with eight-strands of 3 to 4 mm beads – are they real pearls? We doubt it. If they were, this necklace would be worth a fortune. But, because you are getting it from The Estate of Rue McClanahan, everyone will assume they are real, that’s just the way it works. Rue kept this necklace with some other faux pearls in an old chocolate case from a candy store that she had on her dresser in her bedroom. The necklace comes with a print of the portrait of Rue and Bea presenting the award and a Certificate of Authenticity.


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