Rue’s Espresso Machine with Accessories and Cups and Saucers [SOLD]

Rue LOVED coffee and espresso and she drank it all day long – part of the reason almost every piece of paper is stained with a saucer ring or just a flat out coffee spill – she usually drank decaf because she really enjoyed the flavor of a well made espresso and wasn’t after that caffeine buzz like most people. I remember the day Rue’s personal shopper purchased this espresso machine for her. I came in and Rue, her shopper, her assistant, and even her sixth husband were all gathered around the machine and there were wet coffee grounds splattered EVERYWHERE. Having worked as a barista in the past, I immediately knew what was going on. I went into the trashcan and, sure enough, they had thrown out the little metal filter with the first espresso they had made and now each subsequent try was sending steaming hot, wet grounds all over the cup, the machine, the counter, the tiles, the floor, and all of them. We laughed so hard. Even though I explained how important it was to NOT throw out that metal basket when knocking out the spent grounds, you cannot imagine how many times it had to be fetched out of the trash over the years. Anyway, here is Rue’s machine, her back up pot, a scrubber for the filter, and six cups with four saucers. I wanted to write “matching saucers” but I could not, Rue somehow switch one out with another set somewhere. We were going to search for it, but what the heck, we’ll sell it the way Rue used it. And, it just wouldn’t have that full Rue experience if everything matched anyway. The machine measures 11″‘ high, about 7.5″ wide and 9.5″ deep. It comes with everything shown and a Certificate of Authenticity.


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