Rue’s Everyday China [SOLD]

When we weren’t eating off of Rue’s green plastic plates – like, for example, if someone was there that we thought might be too “fancy” for the plastic – Rue would use her everyday china. We think she bought the set at the flagship Macy’s here in Manhattan on 34th Street, down in “The Cellar.” Originally, there were lots and lots of pieces, but we smashed many of them over the years. See, now do you understand why we usually used the green plastic plates? Anyway, the surviving set includes: 7 – 10.5″ dinner plates, 2 – 7.5″ salad plates (obviously, we used those the most), and 4 – 8″ bowls that are 1.75″ deep. You can see various stacks including these pieces over Rue’s head in the photo of the two of us in her kitchen. The set comes with a Certificate of Authenticity from Estate of Rue.

$225 NOW $112.50

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