Rue’s Everyday Flatware [SOLD]

Even though this was once a complete set of flatware for eight, Rue used it for years in her Manhattan apartment and somehow managed to lose at least 9 pieces. The missing knife was actually spotted in the yard of her Manhattan apartment holding up a small pepper plant, but then it was never seen again. For all we know, it is still there under a bush or at the bottom of a planter. In fact, since Rue used to use spoons to dig in her garden, that’s probably where the two missing spoons are as well. As for the six missing forks, 3 dinner and 3 salad, those left the house with Rue when she’d take something to eat on the way to wherever she was going; so they are lost to dressing rooms and the backs of limos all over Manhattan. What’s left is the following: 7 – 9.5″ dinner knives, 5 – 8″ dinner forks, 5 – 7″ salad forks, 7 – 8″ soup spoons, 7 – 7″ tea spoons, and five serving pieces. The whole set will appear on one Certificate of Authenticity.

$225 NOW $112.50

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