Rue’s Everyday Plates (Inside and Outside) and a Marble Paper Towel Holder – LAST SET! [SOLD]

Rue got these dishwasher and microwave safe plates at Macy’s and she used them everyday for years. You can see them in dozens of pictures and hours of video we have, and anyone who knew her ate off of them at one time or another. I remember the day she was making us a snack in her kitchen on one of the plates and we got into some disagreement about a director we had interviewed for her one-woman show. Instead of turning around and smacking me, like I thought she was going to do, she turned around and took my face in her hands and said: “You’re such a good man.” Of course I surrendered. That woman DEFINITELY knew how to get her way. What the heck, she was feeding me! Did you notice everyone eating off Rue’s green plates during a cookout in her yard? Did you also notice SHE IS THE ONLY GIRL at the table? Oh, Rue! There were several sets of these, but they’ve all sold and we’re down to this last set of four 11″ dinner plates. These plates come with one of the heavy marble paper towel holders we used both inside and outside at Rue’s. Comes with prints of the photos shown and a Certificate of Authenticity.


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