Rue’s Fabulous St. John Outfit from “Law & Order” [SOLD]

I was with Rue the day the wardrobe mistress from “Law & Order” took her shopping, and this outfit cost over $4,000! Can you imagine? Anyway, as per her contract, Rue always got to keep her costumes, and since she was playing a wealthy Park Avenue widow – who supposedly had an illegitimate son with President Kennedy – Rue steered the wardrobe mistress to the St. John Flagship Store on Fifth Avenue (she knew she wanted something she would wear again – smart Rue!). Here it is, four fabulous pieces. The pants and jacket are both size 14, the top is “L” and the studded, rhinestoned encrusted tie is 5.5″ long. Immediately after filming the episode, Rue wore the jacket and tie to the “Sordid Lives” release party – those pictures are of her with her co-stars and the series/movie creator. We realize that this is a pricier item on the site, but the reality is – even if it weren’t owned by Rue McClanahan – this outfit is a STEAL at twice the price!

$750 NOW $375

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