Rue’s Feathered Boa Used in her Musical – “Oedipus, Schmedipus, As Long As You Love Your Mother” [SOLD]

Rue’s second husband was her best friend, both before and after the marriage. Years beyond the divorce the two came back together to collaborate on a farcical musical entitled: “Oedipus, Schmedipus, As Long As You Love Your Mother.” Creating, producing and then having a professional run of her musical was one of the things Rue was proudest of in her life. She dug deep on every level to make it happen – creatively, intellectually, emotionally, schedule-wise, financially, and spiritually – and she even dug into her closet to get everyone into costume. This six-foot long feathered boa belonged to Rue personally, but she used it as a costume for one of the characters in her musical. This boa comes with prints of all the photos shown, including the stage shot of the actress wearing Rue’s boa and the private photo of Rue and her father standing in from of a sign for the production; Rue flew her dad from Oklahoma to California so he could see what she had created. Comes with a Certificate of Authenticity from Estate of Rue.


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