Rue’s Filthy Diamond Necklace [SOLD]

It is so difficult for us to send pieces out dirty, but the “experts” tell us that we must not clean things unless we are the ones that messed them up. Apparently, when dealing with celebrity owned items, “as is” is the rule. That being said, we are mortified by these photos because you can see the dust and dirt around these diamonds. This is a gorgeous necklace, too, but half the diamonds are covered in grime. Rue loved to work in her backyard in Manhattan, and it wasn’t unusual to find her out there in a designer outfit covered with jewels and digging in the dirt. Anyway, this 16″ 14kt white gold chain has a diamond covered heart on it – with about 40 individually prong-set diamonds. The pendant is about .5″ high and across. Comes with a Certificate of Authenticity from Estate of Rue.


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