Rue’s Fireplace Tools [SOLD]

Is anyone going to buy these fireplace tools because they are fireplace tools and they need a set? Or, are you going to buy these because they were Rue McClanahan’s fireplace tools, and Rue McClanahan was “Blanche” on “The Golden Girls?” I mean, that’s kind of cool and also ownership of this set comes with a certain amount of bragging rights, right? You get to poke a log when guests or a date are over and ask: “Guess whose fireplace tools these were?” And here is the best part, when it finally comes out who they belonged to, and the person says, “No way,” you get to whip out the photos shown here and the personalized Certificate of Authenticity and prove it. How many people have a fireplace broom that has appeared in a magazine – see it there by Rue’s feet in that page from the magazine? Sure, you can go to Target or Walmart and buy a new set of fireplace tools if you need some, but how could they EVER compare to these? Now, if you don’t have a fireplace at all, these would be even COOLER just to have sitting in your living room for absolutely no practical reason at all. What a hoot! The tools measure over two feet high and seem to be made of solid brass. They come with prints of all the photos shown and a Certificate of Authenticity.


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