Rue’s First Edition of Georgia O’Keeffe’s “One Hundred Flowers” [SOLD]

This is a beautiful large format coffee table book – it measures 16.5″ tall and is 11″ wide. Rue always had it displayed sideways on her book shelves because she loved the cover image and the book itself – you can see it in the background of the photos posted. Rue identified with the artist Georgia O’Keefe because of her strength and independence, and yet even being so solid, she adored the beauty of the delicate and traditionally feminine. That duality – the strong independence while retaining the girlie, if you will – was the same thing that attracted Rue to the ceramicist Beatrice Wood; and they became close personal friends. As a female artist, Rue loved and appreciate other female artists. This book has a 14.25″ x 5″ card inserted that lists all the plates and has, what looked to be, and original signature on top. Everyone in the office became an expert on handwriting analysis, using lighting and magnifying glasses to either prove or disprove that it was an original signature, and we even recreated “Sharpie” signatures to compare, but we still couldn’t decide if it was really Georgia O’Keeffe’s original signature or not. I thought it definitely was because of course Rue would be at the book launch and meet her and get a signature. Well, the controversy continued until the day this book was photographed and then a photo assistant goggled Georgia O’Keeffe and pointed out that this FIRST EDITION book came out in 1987, the year after the 99-year-old artist DIED! Have I mentioned lately that I am a dork? Well I am. Anyway, this gorgeous collectible FIRST EDITION comes with the photos of Rue shown with the volume in the background and a Certificate of Authenticity.

$175 NOW $87.50

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