Rue’s Fossil “Coasters” (*UPDATE) [On Hold]

Rue usually kept these flat fossils on her coffee table and used them as coasters. We don’t think they actually ARE coasters – we think they are rare, highly collectible FOSSILS! However, that is what Rue used them for; and we could be mistaken, maybe someone out there is selling fossils as sets of coasters(!). Certainly there are pictures in Rue’s archive that show these pieces on Rue’s coffee table – and probably with Rue in the shot, too – so we’ll look around and post any photos we can find later. Rue’s pair of fossil “coasters” measure about 4″ across each, and they will appear together on the same Certificate of Authenticity from Estate of Rue.


*UPDATE – I found a photograph of Me and Rue gabbing in the living room and you can see both of these “coasters” on the coffee table. One is clearly showing and she has her water glass on the other.

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