Rue’s Four Stone Onyx and Sterling Silver Ring [SOLD]

After polishing the delicate silver ring a couple of posts ago, we couldn’t resist polishing this one, too. We’ll try to stop and continue as we have in the past – posting Rue’s things in the exact condition she left them in – but this was a special ring and we just couldn’t put it up here tarnished. This simple, elegant piece has four stones, and for no real reason other than that, it makes everyone think of “The Golden Girls.” Now we can’t look at it without thinking of that magical foursome. Besides that little tidbit, this is a classic sterling and onyx piece that is in great condition. The ring seems to be closer to actually being round, unlike many of Rue’s rings – she was hard on the jewels – and so we can confidently write that it is size 7.5. It is marked “925″ inside, too. Comes with a Certificate of Authenticity from Estate of Rue.


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