Rue’s Four Vintage Dessert Vessels [SOLD]

Rue loved dessert, and in addition to the ingredients, she was passionate about the presentation. These four different dessert vessels were used by her depending on the size dessert she was after. Also, she went through a MAJOR root beer float stage near the end of her time here on Earth, and although she had a favorite glass which she used almost every time, these vessels were all made available for guests who cared to join her at float time. She would use one of these on sundae days though; and if she went for the 4.75″ brown glass one, it meant she was in the mood for just a little something sweet, but if she went for the 7″ tall clear one, you knew she was going for a big time sugar buzz! Rue’s four dessert vessels will appear together on one Certificate of Authenticity from Estate of Rue.


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