Rue’s Framed American Indian Piece From ENRON Collection (Oh, dear!) (*UPDATE) [On Hold]

Rue felt a deep spiritual connection to the Native American People. She carried some Indian blood in her own heart, and she was proud of that fact, but it was more than that for her. The struggles they endured, their connection to Mother Earth and all of its inhabitants, and their creativity and craftsmanship all connected with her old soul. Rue loved this framed piece – a print of a drawing done in 1833 by an artist accompanying a prince on an expedition. Rue loved it because it was actually drawn in the moment, she loved the authenticity of the piece. This piece first hung in her California home and then later in her Manhattan apartment. The framed print measures 18.25″ x 24″ and it comes with a Certificate of Authenticity from Estate of Rue.

*UPDATE – We came across a photograph of Rue wearing one of her Native American treasures with this picture on the wall in the background. We posted it at the end and will include a print with this item.

$475 NOW $237.50

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