Rue’s Frogs (With Turtle and Bunny Involvement) [SOLD]

Yeah, it was a challenge to title this lot, but all the items have a couple of things in common: one, they were all owned by Rue McClanahan; and two, she kept them all in the back yard of her Manhattan apartment. The biggest item – the frog couple with the personalized sign – measures 14″ high, 11″ wide, and about 9.75″ deep, and it seems to be made out of fiberglass or something hard like that. We think this was a funny wedding gift for Rue and Morrow from their 1997 wedding. The piece used to sit outside their apartment door, but then Rue moved it to the garden. When they split up, we took the sign off the top – it slides in and out – and the frogs remained out back. We found the sign in the greenhouse though and so we’ll include it with the frogs. The little squeaky toy frog was a gift from Rue’s niece and it makes a funny noise that always cracked Rue up. She kept that frog on one of the fountains out back – can you spot it in the photos? Finally, the little plant sticks were stuck in various potted plants around the patio. The little shovel with the frog has a long sub-surface stick and is 11.75″ long, but the matching turtle shovel lost his stick and is only 5.75″ long. As for the brass bunny, we suspect that might actually be a really nice letter opener, but Rue used the 14″ whatever to poke around and aerate soil, so it was always stuck in a potted plant somewhere or another. All these items will appear on the same Certificate of Authenticity, and we’ll include prints of all the photos shown.


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