Rue’s German Text Book from College – Heavily Annotated [SOLD]

This adorable little German textbook is almost 70-years old – Rue used it 60-years ago while a student at The University of Tulsa – and yet there it was, on a shelf in the library of Rue’s Manhattan apartment. After reading Rue’s journals from her college years, we understand why she clung to so many mementos from that time in her life – Rue did really well in college and had a blast along the way – boys, boys and more boys! This book is heavily annotated in her hand, with every inch of the inside front and back cover filled with notes, and things underlined and written throughout. The thing that makes the item particularly special is that Rue wrote her name inside, and this was when she was still “Eddi-Rue McClanahan.” We’ll include prints of all the things we’ve posted because we feel they ought to accompany the book, and we really hope someone finds a creative way to both protect and display this special piece. Also comes with a Certificate of Authenticity from Estate of Rue.


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