Rue’s Givenchy “Ice” Necklace (NOTE – New Images Found) [SOLD]

Just in case you’re not already convinced what a total dork I am, have I got a story for you. In the early 2000s, Rue hosted the Drama Desk Awards and her personal shopper and dresser, Vangeli – shown with Rue in the dressing room of the Broadway Show “The Women” (she is wearing a blue sweater from “The Golden Girls,” by the way) and in Rue’s living room the night of the event – borrowed $400,000 worth of Harry Winston diamonds for Rue to wear. You can see her wearing the necklace in the shot with Vangeli before the show and in the first photo in the black and white St. John suit at the event. Well, Rue also OWNED this Givenchy necklace that looks and photographs VERY similar to the Harry Winston piece. All this time, I thought it WAS the $400,000 necklace she wore the night of the Drama Desk Awards! I mean, “The Golden Girls” is syndicated around the globe, residual checks come all the time, so it is not really that far-fetched to think that if Rue liked a $400,000 necklace on loan, she’d simply say: “I’ll keep it, here’s my Amex card.” I stored this 17-inch Givenchy piece in a safe deposit box at a bank in NYC with other precious items belonging to Rue, thinking it was this enormously valuable necklace. Don’t get me wrong, it is a gorgeous piece – and as you can see, Rue wore it often: it appeared around her neck on television, in newspapers, and even during her book tour – but it is NOT worth hundreds of thousands of dollars! By the way, I was Rue’s date the night of that Award Show and I now clearly recall Vangeli collecting the necklace and a bracelet in the limo as we were heading out to the after-party so he could return them to Harry Winston. See? A total dork! Please don’t tell anyone, I am so embarrassed. ADD ON – we just found some more pictures of Rue wearing this piece the year before she passed while visiting her great-nieces out in California – we’ll tack them on the end here. Rue’s Givenchy necklace comes with prints of all the photos shown – including the new ones – and a Certificate of Authenticity from Estate of Rue.


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