Rue’s Glass Cream and Sugar Set (That Aren’t Really a Set at All!) [SOLD]

We always thought this vintage, pressed-glass cream pitcher and sugar bowl were a set, but when we pulled them out to photograph we realized they are not. This is so Rue! She probably found one or the other first in an antique store and then bought the “partner” some place else. We can see why she used them together: the design on their exteriors look similar. However, when you flip them over and look at the bottoms you can clearly see they are not a set. Also, we aren’t even sure now if what Rue used as a sugar bowl is for that purpose at all; it could be a vase. However, since Rue used them as a set we are going to keep them together and sell them as a set. The creamer is 4.75″ high with a 3″ base, and the sugar (?) is 4″ high, also with a 3″ base. The set (?!) comes with a Certificate of Authenticity from Estate of Rue.


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