Rue’s Gold Lamé Outfit [SOLD]

What is more fitting for Rue than a gold lamé outfit? She wore this glittering top and bottom with different coats and accessories over the years, but they were always comfortable go-to pieces when she needed to look the part of a star. We have no idea what it is made out of; it seems to be some sort of woven fabric with gold threads throughout, but it feels sort of papery. With the faux diamond buttons and details on the collar, there is no doubt these clothes belonged to a woman who was NOT afraid to be noticed. Naturally, Rue pinned shoulder pads in the top – yeah for the 1980s! There are two small mystery holes on one of the legs, they look rather like an entrance and exit, perhaps a bullet hole? Who knows? Oh, and because of the voluminous top and elastic waisted pants, these piece will fit a wide variety of sizes (male or female, we’re just saying…). The pieces come with prints of the photos shown and a Certificate of Authenticity from Estate of Rue.


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