Rue’s Golden Depression Era Candlestick (FIRST FROM TEXAS HOUSE!) [On Hold]

We’re listing this under “Manhattan Apartment” because that is the only house category we have here on – and we have no idea how one goes about adding another category to the page – but this piece actually came from Rue’s California house via her Texas house. This is the first item we are posting from Rue’s Texas house, too! After six years we are FINALLY ready to start digging into that mountain of stuff. What happened is when Rue sold her California house, she shipped the contents down to her Texas house in an 18-wheeler truck; and to this day much of it is still in the boxes she and a friend packed almost 20-years ago! Get ready for a whole new supply of Rue McClanahan treasures. First up is this golden Depression Glass candlestick. It is 2.25″ tall and has a 3.5″ base. Rue’s candlestick comes with a Certificate of Authenticity from Estate of Rue.


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