Rue’s Hand-Painted Vintage Plum Plate [SOLD]

Are those even plums? We do not know for sure. But we do know it is a plate, we are positive of that fact. Also, we know that it is old, that Rue bought it during one of her trips to Europe, that she used it often, and kept it in the mahogany sideboard in her Manhattan apartment. What else? We know it is from Germany, and stamped, “Weiman” and that is measures about 9.5″ across. We know there are no chips or cracks, but there is some fading since, as previously pointed out, Rue used it often and so it was washed over and over during the last few decades. And we know it will come with a print of the original inventory picture showing it on the floor of Rue’s Manhattan apartment next to that mahogany sideboard, and a print of Rue and MJL gabbing away in front of that mahogany sideboard (presumably with this plate inside at the time!). Also, comes with a Certificate of Authenticity from Estate of Rue.


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