Rue’s Hat from the Movie “Generation Gap” (Also, a cool story) [SOLD]

Rue wore this hat in the last movie she ever made in her life – the 2008 film with Ed Asner entitled “Generation Gap.” That’s the hat and now here is the story… Last year when we went out to California for the auction of Rue’s things in Beverly Hills, we thought we’d look old Ed Asner up and get some footage for the documentary about what it was like to work with Rue on her final film. He was just as warm and funny as you can imagine, and after the interview I asked him if he’d pose with Rue’s Emmy (see shot of the two of us with Rue’s statue). I noticed several Emmy Awards around his house and so I asked him how many he had. Did you know that Ed Asner has won more Emmy Awards than any other man in history? We didn’t either. I asked him if I could shoot a picture of him with all seven statues and he told us that no one had ever done that before. It took us awhile to find them all scattered around his house, but now you’ve seen the one and only image of Ed Asner with all his Emmy Awards. Cool, eh?


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