Rue’s Heavily Annotated, Signed Copy of “Death of a Salesman” – Which She Did With Vincent Gardenia in the ’60s [SOLD]

This was an amazing find for a number of reasons: first, it has Rue’s original signature, which is always cool; second, she did this play way back in the early ’60s and this delicate paperback still survives, and we found it in a pile of books; third, it is heavily, and interestingly annotated, setting forth Rue’s costumes, blocking, and much of her process for becoming the character – very informative to anyone starting out in the business – and it even has some personal financial accounting in the back! Finally, this is a special piece of Rue McClanahan memorabilia because it was during this production that she came to know, and respect, Vincent Gardenia, who – as you probably know – she ended up co-staring with in an episode of “All in the Family” almost a decade later. That episode not only won and Emmy, it brought Rue to “Maude.” I wonder if it would’ve worked so well, and if Rue would have gotten “Maude,” if she and Mr. Gardenia weren’t already totally comfortable working together because of their time spent doing “Death of a Salesman?” Comes with a Certificate of Authenticity.


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