Rue’s Intricate Canvas Cape [SOLD]

Whoever made this custom cape put a lot of work into it, just look at the exquisite detail. Whoever buys this piece may want to dye it. Although you can’t tell from even a small distance, there are these little spots in the fabric. We don’t know if Rue ran through a pasta sauce sprinkler or if the fabric itself came this way, but there are these tiny orange-ish circles over the entire piece. However, since it is a raw canvas, the cape could be dyed any color you want, and it would probably take the dye evenly with gorgeous results – red, perhaps? Rue’s canvas cape measures 55″ collar to hem, it has a Sherlock Holmes top and arm slits on the sides, and it was made by a company called “Viva of Hollywood. The cape comes with a Certificate of Authenticity.

$275 NOW $137.50

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