Rue’s Italian Crystal Butterfly Necklace from Book Tour [SOLD]

Rue wore this butterfly pendant around her neck during one of her book tours for her memoir “My First Five Husbands…And the Ones Who Got Away.” In fact, that first framed photo was an image a fan sent in – she was at the signing and met Rue that day in 2007 down in Texas. The piece is sparkly, but you don’t see why until you get close; the 1.5″ x 1.75″ black metal butterfly is studded with inner and outer rows of individually, prong-set crystals – the inner is clear and the outer one’s are smoked. Rue wore the piece on an simple 18″ chain and we are keeping it on there and selling them together. Comes with prints of all the photos shown, and a Certificate of Authenticity.


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