Rue’s Lead Crystal Bridal Basket (We Ought To Title This: Much-Used Bridal Basket!) [SOLD]

As you may or may not know, Rue was married SIX TIMES! And, she was on her way to number seven when she died; Rue said, “Everyone knows seven is a lucky number.” Oh, Rue! Anyway, here is a beautiful crystal piece that we all had a chuckle about when we first learned it is called a “Bridal Basket.” This is a large version of a traditional bridal basket, measuring 10″ high and over 10.5″ long; with the base being about 6″ and the widest point being about 7.5″. It is an old piece – probably from the ’40s or even earlier – and it is quite heavy. There are no chips or cracks, it is in excellent condition. You can see it in the cabinet behind Rue’s head in the picture posted. Comes with a print of that photo and a Certificate of Authenticity.


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