Rue’s Memento From Voiceover Work on “Annabelle’s Wish” [SOLD]

On occasion, Rue did voice-over work. People were always trying to hire her for books-on-tape and animated features because her voice was so easily recognizable, but she preferred to be on the stage or in front of a camera. However, the story of “Annabelle’s Wish” pulled Rue in; she LOVED it! Rue was the voice of “Scarlet” the horse in the movie. This plush stuffed animal was made and given to each of the participants in the film, which was the PERFECT cast and crew gift for Rue since you know how she lived with a whole pack of stuffed animals. Rue’s “Annabelle” stuffed cow, with attached antlers, measures 16″ high by 9″ wide, and it is 7″ deep. The piece comes with a Certificate of Authenticity from Estate of Rue.

*You can’t see all of Rue’s stuffed Annabelle in the photo posted, but it is definitely her in the upper right corner. How funny that Rue has antlers attached to her head in the photo just like Annabelle!


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