Rue’s Metal Thing (and the Painter Story) [SOLD]

Having been married six times, Rue had many items that you probably wouldn’t buy for yourself, those nice yet unusual things you sometimes receive as wedding gifts – this is one of those classic pieces. Rue had the… the what? metal leaf tray? …for decades and she actually loved the patina it developed over the years. It is made of copper or brass and it is big – measuring 20″ long and over 10″ wide at its widest. Enough about the tray though, because we have a story to tell you. After Rue passed, we had her apartment painted to get it ready to list on the market. We shot photos of the painters – we always documented the people that worked at Rue’s – and a few minutes later one of them came out of her bedroom and told us the most amazing story. He said that he was priming the edges around one of Rue’s bedroom closets – where we’d just shot his photo – when he felt a strange feeling, like someone else was there with him. He said outloud: “If you’re here, Ms. McClanahan, give me a sign.” Right then, of its own volition, he told us his own hand smacked him across the face with his wet paint brush. DEFINITELY the type of sign Rue would give someone! Isn’t that wild? Anyway, the final color they painted the place is a dark paper bag and, if you look at the leaf tray closely, you can see they dropped a little paint toward the top. When we recently unpacked the tray to photograph for the site, we saw the spot and decided to leave it there and tell the story. So, this unusual piece that belonged to Rue for decades comes with the paint spot, an unusual story, and a Certificate of Authenticity from Estate of Rue.


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