Rue’s Monogramed Bathrobe from The Peninsula Hotel and Spa Bag from The Same [SOLD]

Unless Rue snuck off to Hong Kong without our knowing – highly unlikely – this robe is actually from the Midtown Manhattan Peninsula Hotel Spa. Even though she had no reason to stay at a hotel since she had her own gorgeous apartment a few blocks away, Rue would go ANYWHERE for a spa treatment. Naturally, she got her own personalized, monogramed terrycloth robe and a very durable embroidered spa bag. The bag measures 20.5″ x 17″ and the robe is a one-size-fits-all. Naturally, there is some spilled coffee or something on the robe – the tie – but otherwise it looks pretty good. The bag has some of Rue’s cat’s hair in it because she liked to crawl inside for naps, but otherwise it is in excellent condition. We were going to wash the robe, but it smells like Rue’s Chanel perfume – like everything else in her closet – and so we couldn’t bring ourselves to do it. Comes with a Certificate of Authenticity.


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