Rue’s Moschino Purse (UPDATE – Found Photo of Rue Carrying Purse!)(WITH BETTY WHITE!) [SOLD]

Rue’s personal shopper and Broadway dresser – shown in the photo with Rue (and with $400,000 in Harry Winston Diamonds!) – bought this purse for Rue at Bloomingdale’s. It is Moschino, from their “Cheap & Chic” line. The folks over there at Moschino definitely got the “Chic” part right, but they are WAY off on the “Cheap” aspect of this item. When we were told how much this bag cost, everyone’s jaws hit the floor. Suffice it to say that even though what we are posting this purse for may seem like a high price, it is LESS than what Rue paid for it originally. Normally, according to the experts, we are supposed to increase the price of what an item would sell for because of the “Rue McClanahan Factor,” but we simply couldn’t here or this thing would’ve cost more than a “Golden Girls’” costume. Anyway, it is a really nice purse. The dark colored fabric is almost like a felt and then there is that brightly colored stuff – leather? vinyl? pleather? – stitched on top. The purse measures 10″ x 11″ and it comes with a Certificate of Authenticity from Estate of Rue.


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