Rue’s NBC Envelope of “The Golden Girls” Writer’s Polaroids [SOLD]

Rue kept this envelope of “The Golden Girls” writer’s pictures in her dressing room as a study guide of sorts. There was a large cast and crew that made “The Golden Girls” magic, but like all “the girls,” Rue knew the writing was the main ingredient to the show’s success. And since they were the real power behind the scenes, Rue wanted to be sure she knew every writer’s name and face. “Rue” is written on the front of the envelope in her hand, and the 4″ x 7.5″ NBC stationery envelope is labelled with what’s inside on both the front and the back. It was stapled to a bulletin board in Rue’s dressing room and, amazingly, over 20-years later the staple is still hanging from the envelope. You may notice that one of those early writers was none other than Marc Cherry, who went on to “Desperate Housewives” fame – let’s see, that was a show about four women interacting together, too, right? I wonder where he got that formula? Also, one of the writer’s has a familiar last name – Zbornak! There are nine original Polaroids and this set comes with a Certificate of Authenticity from Estate of Rue.


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