Rue’s “Nunsense 2″ Cast and Crew Jacket [SOLD]

Remember when Rue and Betty played nuns on that hurricane episode of “The Golden Girls?” Well, turns out it was good practice for later years when Rue would play a nun in many “Nunsense” productions – and if you haven’t seen them they are hilarious. She loved working with the show’s creator, Danny Goggin, and was always willing to say ‘yes’ when he called for the next sequel. We found Rue’s “Nunsense 2″ coat in the hall closet of her Manhattan apartment and there was a terrible error on it. Monogramed on the front was “The Reu” instead of “The Rue!” I was so embarrassed for Mr. Goggin, I mean, he runs such a professional organization I couldn’t believe they would make such a silly mistake. I called him to ask what the heck had happened – he just returned from a production of “Nunsense” at the Muny in St. Louis for over 5,000 people, so I’m sure he really wanted to hear me calling to complain about monograming – and he said, “Um, it isn’t “The Reu” it is “The Rev,” with a v, because she played the Reverend Mother and everyone called her “The Rev.” Why isn’t there a reverse button in real life? So, here is Rue’s coat and I am still a dork! Comes with prints of the photos shown, one of Rue’s copies of the DVD, and a Certificate of Authenticity.


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