Rue’s Off-White Wool Cape [SOLD]

As a threshold matter, do you think Bea is…. um…. having a good time in this first photo? There is just something about the way she is holding Estelle, holding her cigarette (Oh, Bea!), and standing that makes us think it was a… um…fun night for Bea. Anyway, when we first found this cape during the initial inventory – photo included – we thought it was absolutely beautiful and couldn’t wait to find an image of Rue wearing it. We never expected such a stunning image though; look how gorgeous Rue is in the photo! The cape is 100% wool, made by a company called “Gemini,” and measures 54″ from collar to bottom hem. There is a lot of cape there, too – the swing is a full 8-feet. Comes with prints of the photos shown and a Certificate of Authenticity.


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