Rue’s “Oh My God, I’m Rich!” Highball Glasses [SOLD]

Here is the thing: as those of you have followed Rue’s Facebook Page (“The Official Rue McClanahan Memorial Facebook Page”) and this site know, Rue could drink out of a jelly jar and have a great time. However, she was a wealthy woman who liked to shop, and shop she did. As a result, there are also these really expensive things around, too. For example: these lead, cut-crystal highball glasses. We used to joke that you couldn’t drink out of one, feel the weight in your hand, see the colors refract through the crystal, and not have the thought: “Oh my God, I’m rich!” Anyway, they don’t sell these babies in sets, you have to pay for them individually in the stores. Believe it or not, some glasses cost over a hundred bucks a piece! Rue had six of these, but someone probably staggered out of one of her parties with their cocktail still in their hand. Breaching lead crystal highball protocol, we WILL sell all five as a set. Comes with a Certificate of Authenticity from Estate of Rue.

$325 NOW $162.50

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