Rue’s “Oklahoma” Collection [SOLD]

In 1997, Rue appeared in a production of “Oklahoma.” Having been raised in Oklahoma, Rue always felt a connection to the show, although she did mention that the Rogers & Hammerstein classic doesn’t quite capture the reality of growing up in that fine state. Anyway, she kept a lot of memorabilia from the production and after digging through the whole house, this is what we’ve found: from the library, Rue’s script; from the piano bench, all of Rue’s music from the show; from her office, a letter from a cast mate with some behind-the-scenes pictures; from a file, the contact list for the production and a publicity card; from the hall wall of Rue’s Manhattan apartment, a signed and framed poster; and finally, from the shoe rack in her master bedroom, the boots she wore in the show. The boots still have a piece of tape on the bottom with her name on it, which we found touching for some reason, and so we love the boots the best. However, the poster is probably the most valuable item since it was signed by all the cast members, including Rue herself. The fact that she kept – and we were able to find – this entire collection of items is amazing and so we decided not to break it up. All the items will appear together on one Certificate of Authenticity from Estate of Rue.


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