Rue’s Original Cast Signed “Wicked” Poster [SOLD]

This is Rue’s original signed “Wicked” poster; she had a few of them and this is the LAST ONE! Keep in mind, it is not only an original signed poster from one of the biggest Broadway hits in history, it is an original signed poster owned by a star – Rue McClanahan. Rue admitted that working as “Madame Morrible” on “Wicked” was a tough gig – multiple levels, heavy costumes, eight performances a week, etc… However, she said that when she fist laid eyes on the image of her in the green costume it all became worthwhile – it is an amazing portrait. In addition to the large – 22″ x 14″ – poster, we’ll include one of Rue’s personal Playbills from the show and prints of all the photos shown. Comes with two separate Certificates of Authenticity: one for the original signed poster and another for one of Rue’s copies of the Playbill.


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