Rue’s Original Playbills from her SEVEN Broadway Shows (ONLY SET!) [SOLD]

Did you know that Rue was in seven broadway shows over her life? She was a stand-in for the first couple so she didn’t actually make her Broadway stage debut until “Jimmy Shine” – which starred none other than a young Dustin Hoffman, fresh off his success with “The Graduate” (and mobbed by girls outside the stage door every night, per Rue) – so she was really on stage for five Broadway shows. Four of these Playbills are the only copies Rue possessed, so they were rare and important to her. The “California Suite” Playbill was custom framed and Rue hung it on the wall, first in her California homes and then in the hall of her Manhattan apartment. The Playbill for “Wicked” has Rue’s original signature on it. This extremely personal collection of Rue McClanahan’s memorabilia comes with prints of the photos shown and a Certificate of Authenticity from Estate of Rue.


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