Rue’s Original Signed Script from “Ladies Man” – Signed by Betty White, too! [SOLD]

Even after she moved from California back to New York City, Rue was willing to fly cross-country for her pal Betty White. Betty was doing another series entitled “Ladies Man” and she asked Rue to appear – twice! She also asked Estelle and, again, just like with “The John Larroquette Show,” since Rue said Yes, so did Estelle, and the three of them got to work together again. Naturally, Rue asked the stars of the show to sign her script, signed it herself, and then tucked it away for safe keeping, however she didn’t get Estelle’s signature on this one and the only thing we can think is that perhaps Estelle wasn’t doing so great the day of the shoot. We found this original signed script in a stack of papers on a shelf in Rue’s home office along with some photos from her appearances. We don’t think the picture of Rue by herself and the one with Betty which we’ve posted are from this episode, but since they were taken on the set of “Ladies Man” during one of Rue’s appearances we’re including prints. By the way, it was such a big deal for three of the four ‘Golden Girls” to be working together again that it made The Los Angeles Times; isn’t that cool? Rue, Betty, and Estelle were thrilled to be working together one final time and you can see the genuine affection in the photo taken on the set. Comes with a Certificate of Authenticity.


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