Rue’s Original Signed Script from “The John Larroquette Show” – With Amazing “Golden Girls” Connection [SOLD]

You’re not going to believe this one! Rue was asked to appear on an episode of “The John Larroquette Show” in the mid-’90s, and she appeared with none other than Estelle Getty and Betty White! You can see on the inside cast list of the script, Betty had already signed on and they still had “TBD” – to be determined – beside Estelle and Rue’s names. They were doing a spoof scene of “The Golden Girls” but they never thought they’d actually get three of the four to show up. Bea refused, but Rue liked Betty so much and always loved working with her, and the show was produced by the same team that did “The Golden Girls,” so she agreed to do it. Since Rue said yes, Estelle said yes, too. In addition to having her script signed by the stars of the show – which already makes it a very collectible item – Rue made sure to have it signed by her “Golden Girls” co-stars which makes this item as rare as hen’s teeth. Betty even wrote “Many Thanks” because she was so grateful to Rue for coming on board. This original signed script comes with prints of the photos and screen grabs shown, and a Certificate of Authenticity.

$950 NOW $425

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