Rue’s Original Signed Script from “The Love Boat” – With Two Other MAJOR Star Signatures [SOLD]

We’ve mentioned before how smart Rue was and what foresight she had way back in the day, and this script is a prime example of that keen sense of who was who and what was what playing out. Before she signed on “The Golden Girls,” Rue was making appearances here and there and she did an episode of “The Love Boat” (she did several over the course of her career). As usual, she retained and signed her copy of the script, but she went further. Proving how brilliant and savvy she was, Rue sought out a couple of other guest stars appearing with her to sign her copy of the script – Vera Miles, star of the classic horror film “Psycho;” and Donald O’Connor, star of the classic film “Singin’ in the Rain.” Here you have it, an original script from “The Love Boat,” owned and signed by Rue McClanahan immediately prior to “The Golden Girls”‘ fame, and containing the original signatures of stars from two of the biggest films in history. Go Rue! Oh, Rue also jotted a note inside to call “N. Lear,” and that would be Norman Lear, creator of “All in The Family” and “Maude,” among a zillion other shows – that’s kind of cool, right? Anyway, the script comes with prints of the photos and screen grabs shown and a Certificate of Authenticity from Estate of Rue.


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