Rue’s Original Social Security Card Stub with Pamphlet – Stub from ’48 and Pamphlet Mid ’50s [SOLD]

We don’t know if Social Security Cards even come with these “stubs” anymore, but they did back in the’40s and ’50s. Rue received this pamphlet from The Social Security Administration with her new card in the ’50s. Due to the timing, we believe this would’ve been when she was just out of college, moved to NYC, and then got her first paying acting gig in Erie, Pennsylvania. Of course, this was where she became pregnant, married her first of six husbands, and ended up back in Oklahoma in her girlhood bedroom, but that’s another story. Although she didn’t sign her stub, she did exactly as instructed in the pamphlet and she left the stub attached to the pamphlet and filed it away – for the next five decades! Actually, at some point, her proud mother glued it into one of a stack of scrapbooks which she maintained all about her famous daughter’s life, and that’s why the center page of the pamphlet has the black paper still glued to it. This is a little piece of Rue’s personal history, it represents the transition to working girl, as she packed up and made her way out there into the world. Rue’s original Social Security Card stub, along with the pamphlet it has been attached to for decades, comes with prints of the photos and a Certificate of Authenticity from Estate of Rue.

NOTE! – We hope none of you are identity theft perpetrators and plan on using Rue’s SS# for illicit purposes; we don’t think so, we believe Rue’s fans are honest and good – and she did, too!


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