Rue’s Parasol [SOLD]

You’ve got to just love a woman who carries a parasol, right? Rue first came in possession of this interesting piece when it was given to her as a prop during the filming of the series “Safe Harbor” down in Florida. They tried to pry it out of her hands but she wasn’t about to give it back; she was concerned about too much direct sun exposure and she needed a parasol because she didn’t want to walk around under some big clunky umbrella. And this piece – lightweight, wooden-slated, tied together with woven string as opposed to a metal frame, and pink to top it off – was perfect for her. As you can see, over the next decade, she carried this parasol everywhere – in gay parades, at animal fundraisers, even at a health spa out in California. No doubt about it, Rue worked her parasol! Unfortunately, you can also see from the photos, at some point those delicate, interesting little woven strings started to come undone and a part of the parasol started to droop. It didn’t matter to Rue, she still used it, but we hope whoever buys this item will take the time – and has the patience – to put the strings back through the six or seven slats they have come out of and retie the knots. Otherwise, for its age and use, this delicate parasol is in good condition. Comes with prints of all the photos of Rue carrying it and a Certificate of Authenticity.


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