Rue’s Pearl Necklace from “Children of The Bride” [SOLD]

Patrick Duffy – what a hunk! Rue’s character married the much younger stud in the movie “Children of The Bride.” He was a star on the hugely successful television show “Dallas” at the time, while Rue was a star on the hugely successful television show “The Golden Girls” at the time – was this casting genius, or what? Rue had such a good time acting in the film that she did a sequel – “Baby of the Bride” – and then even produced the third in the series “Mother of The Bride!” Patrick Duffy was only in the first of the series, but one of Rue’s female co-stars was in all three; do you know who it was? She was the star of the hugely successful television show “Family;” that’s right, none other than Ms. Kristy McNichol. This necklace has been around stars in some of the biggest television shows in history. No wonder Rue hung onto this 16″ faux pearl necklace by Napier for the next 20 years. Actually, we assume this is faux, but haven’t had that confirmed; we just don’t know that Napier ever made real pearl necklaces. Anyway, this vintage piece looks fantastic. The pearls are graduated from 5mm to 9mm with a center pearl at the point of the V that measures 12mm. This distinctive piece with the big provenance comes with prints of the screen grabs shown and a Certificate of Authenticity from Estate of Rue.


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