Rue’s Personal Collection of Mementos from 1972′s “Dylan” [SOLD]

When you’re a busy working actress like Rue – nine series, over 70 movies, appearances on about 100 television shows, and hundreds of theatrical productions, not to mention interviews, photo shoots, commercials, and all of her other business ventures – individual projects can sometimes run together. But Rue’s work in the 1972 production of “Dylan” stuck with her until the end. “Dylan” was one of those life changing roles for Rue. Not only was the production and all participants top-notch, but it attracted a lot of press attention and got Rue’s name out there in front of the people who count in the entertainment business. These items are all personal mementos that Rue kept with her for almost 40 years: three original production photos (one is absolutely gorgeous, too!), one of which is stuck in a photo album mounting page from one of Rue’s scrapbooks; Rue’s copy of the play; a playbill from the show; the opening night card from the flowers Rue received from the lead producer, and a lifelong friend, the infamous Marty Richards (Produced many shows and was married to a Johnson & Johnson heiress who left him a zillionaire when she died); a little wooden, handmade plaque with a brass version of the Playbill mounted on it which hung in Rue’s home; a funny check someone wrote to Rue’s character in the play for $1,000; and the original two-paged press release. Rue used the stage shot of her pulling Mr. Hare’s hair in her memoir and the Publisher’s sticker is still on the back of the photo. Also, Rue wrote about the production and Marty Richards in her memoir. Two interesting facts from the book: it was scene from this show that allowed her to become a lifelong member of “The Actor’s Studio,” and writing about “Dylan” and the effect it had on Tennessee Williams, and the effect his reaction had on her, was the way she chose to end her book. All these items will appear on one Certificate of Authenticity from Estate of Rue.


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