Rue’s Personal Framed Photo from Day She Bought Herself a Mercedes Benz [SOLD]

It is a BIG DEAL in anyone’s life when they can go out and buy themselves a brand new Mercedes Benz – and it certainly was for Rue. Rue hung on to her dream of becoming a successful actress for decades after any sane person would’ve thrown in the towel and taken a job with a regular paycheck and benefits. She was living practically hand-to-mouth until well into her 40s. But then, in her 50s, she struck it big. She had the talent, she was working hard – no one could have worked harder – and so she really deserved every penny she ever made. One of the “treats” she bought herself when the money finally started rolling in was a brand new Mercedes Benz, and this photo was taken the day she picked up the car. We wanted so badly to take this photo out of the frame and scan it for posterity, but it has been in there for so long – over two decades – the upper left hand corner is stuck to the glass. If you don’t like the brass-ish frame, you could just move the 8″ x 10″ photo AND the glass to a new frame, but this is the one Rue kept it in all these years, so…. Well, that will be up to you. On the Mercedes topic, why is Rue holding a hubcap at that event with “The Girls,” how odd?! Anyway, this framed picture of a happy day in Rue’s personal life comes with a Certificate of Authenticity.


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