Rue’s Personal Keepsakes from 1965 Show at the Hampton Playhouse – “Mary, Mary” [SOLD]

Rue worked at the Hampton Playhouse for their 17th and 18th Seasons; in 1965 and 66, respectively. One of the first productions she did was “Mary, Mary” and she hung onto her jewelry from the show for the next 45 years! There are three pieces: the 1.5″ flower earrings with large rhinestones in the center (with some of Rue’s hair caught around one; we know, kind of yuck, but also, it’s Rue’s hair…); a 7.5″ double strand faux (?) pearl bracelet with a sterling silver clasp; and a 24″ faux pearl necklace. Rue wore the pieces many times over the years. In fact, she liked the sterling clasped bracelet so much she wore it in a “Bran Flakes” commercial she made during her time on “The Golden Girls.” In addition to the jewelry, Rue kept two original stage shots with the Hampton Playhouse stamp in the corner. We actually thought these pictures were from “Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf,” which she also performed at that theatre, and mistakenly identified them as such on Rue’s FaceBook page, oops! Anyway, the jewelry is visible in both photographs from “Mary, Mary” and Rue’s flip hairstyle is delightful. Rue also kept her copy of the play and a playbill. Everything will appear together on one Certificate of Authenticity.


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