Rue’s Personal Playbills From Jimmy Shine (With Piece of Her First Night Bouquet) [On Hold]

Although Rue was an understudy in a couple of Broadway Shows before “Jimmy Shine,” this was the show in which she made her Broadway debut – she finally walked out onto a Broadway stage and performed. This was a pivotal role in her career and it personally validated the path she had chosen. The star of the show was none other than Mr. Dustin Hoffman, and Rue told us that since “The Graduate” had recently come out in theaters all over the world, there was a mob of screaming girls waiting for Mr. Hoffman after each performance – we actually found an image on the Internet! Although Rue saved Playbills from every show she was ever in, the Playbills from her Broadway debut held a place of particular importance in her heart. If you look at the photo taken of Rue from the night she first took the stage, you can see her holding one of these Playbills and a bouquet of red roses. Rue pressed a rose from that bouquet between the pages of that Playbill and over 45-years later we found a piece of the stem still inside. Isn’t that cool? Rue’s original Playbills from “Jimmy Shine will come with that piece of stem and a Certificate of Authenticity from Estate of Rue.

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