Rue’s Personalized John Hart Luggage [SOLD]

Rue was an early member of the Jet Set in that she was hopping on and off planes from the 1950s forward. As a result, she always bought durable, high-quality luggage. This is one of the last sets she used in this lifetime – two pieces designed by John Hart. As a seasoned flyer, and someone who often was in a location for no more than a day or two, Rue liked to carry everything on the plane and so she used a garment bag for costumes pieces she wanted to use, or event outfits for whatever event she was flying in for, and a large carry-on bag for everything else. These two pieces are made of some kind of light-weight, rubberized material that is waterproof and seemingly indestructible, and the handles and snaps are made of a top grain English leather that will develop a wonderful tan patina with age and use, the way all John Hart pieces do. The garment bag measures 50″ and folds and snaps, and the carry-on (which could make a fabulous purse or just daily use bag) is 18″ x 10.5″ and 10″ high – it has an adjustable 20″ shoulder strap in addition to the handles. Get ready because there is more: both pieces have a leather tag firmly attached that reads “Rue;” could you just die? The last time Rue used this luggage was on a jaunt to Chicago in 2009 and the last photo we posted was taken at the airport during that trip; by that point in Rue’s life they picked her up in a golf cart at the car and zipped her through the airport right to the gate, they even opened a special security line just for her so she didn’t have to wait – it was good to be Rue, she said so herself! One last thing, the airline’s luggage tag – filled out in Rue’s hand – is still attached to the carry-on bag, and we will, naturally, leave it right where it is. The pieces come with a Certificate of Authenticity from Estate of Rue.


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