Rue’s Pig Adoption Certificate and Crystal Pig [SOLD]

Rue’s tiny crystal pig doesn’t have a tail – we don’t know if its tail was lost or if in never had one, but why wouldn’t it have had one? – other than that, this is the perfect lot. I mean, what could be better than Rue McClanahan’s personalize Adoption Certificate for the pig she adopted in 1997 AND her little crystal pig? Rue had a thing for pigs, you see, and so it is no surprise that when this wonderful organization called Farm Sanctuary asked her to adopt a farm animal rescued from certain death in a corporate food processing world, and instead provide the lucky animal with a life lived out on a real farm, Rue chose a pig. She ended up doing many events for Farm Sanctuary to help raise money for the animals and awareness about the cruelties of the way they are treated in our food chain – she even put them in her Will. We found a picture of Rue with her crystal pig, believe it or not – it is in the lower right corner on the piano in the shot taken with Rue holding a “doodle script.” Also, we shot a picture of one of her bathroom glass shelves so you can see where her pig lived (all the way to the left, behind the round crystal thingie). The Adoption Certificate measures 8.5″ x 11″ and Rue’s tiny pig is 1″ x .5″. The certificate and pig come with two separate Certificates of Authenticity from Estate of Rue.


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