Rue’s Pressed Glass Fruit Bowl [SOLD]

Rue adored this piece because of it functionality – remember, she liked to use pieces from her collection and this piece was very practical. First, it is beautiful and, due to the cuts in the pressed glass, it refracts light and looks good on the table. Second, it is good sized – the base is about 5.5″ and the whole thing is 10″ high and 10″ across. Third, because it is vintage pressed glass, it is durable – difficult for any of us to smash at the parties over the years. You can see the piece next to the hutch in the living room the day we emptied the piece. The pictures Rue had inside – the last thing she used the bowl to hold – were of the man she had selected to be husband number seven. “Everyone knows seven is a lucky number,” she said. Unfortunately, she passed before she could seal the deal on that one. This bowl comes with a Certificate of Authenticity from Estate of Rue.


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